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Charleston’s Old South Carriage Historic Horse & Carriage Tour - Charleston Horse Tour

Charleston's Old South Carriage Historic Horse & Carriage Tour - Charleston Horse Tour

Exploring Charleston's History: A Horse-Drawn Carriage Journey

Welcome to a journey through time as we embark on a Charleston Horse Tour that takes us back to the colonial beginnings of Charleston. Starting at 14 Anson Street, the home of the Old South Carriage Company, this experience offers a unique and immersive way to discover the rich history of Charleston, the oldest and second-largest city in South Carolina.

Discover Charleston's Charm - Charleston Horse Tour

Charleston is a city defined by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and pre-Civil War-era houses. As we set off on the 1-Hour Horse & Carriage Sightseeing Tour, guided by a certified driver/guide, we are transported to a bygone era where history comes alive at every turn.

Highlights of the Charleston Horse Tour

During the tour, we will have the opportunity to see Charleston's most historically significant homes, churches, and gardens. The Belgian or Percheron draft horse leading our carriage adds to the authenticity and charm of the experience, making our journey through the streets of Charleston even more memorable.

Immersive Narration - Charleston Horse Tour

Our certified driver/guide will regale us with fascinating stories of the city's role in our nation's history. From tales of early settlers and colonial life to the impact of the Civil War, each narrative adds depth and context to the sights we see along the way.

Through their insightful commentary, we gain a deeper understanding of Charleston's past and its enduring influence on the present.

Explore Charleston's Rich History with Horse-Drawn Carriage Experience

Charleston: The "Holy City" - Charleston Horse Tour

Charleston, South Carolina, is often referred to as the "Holy City," a title rooted in its historical and religious significance. This nickname stems from the multitude of churches that dominate Charleston's skyline, representing various denominations and architectural styles. Beyond its religious heritage, Charleston holds a vital place in American history, particularly during the Civil War.

The Role of Charleston in the Civil War

Charleston played a pivotal role in the Civil War, shaping the course of American history. As the first shots of the war were fired at Fort Sumter, located in Charleston Harbor, the city instantly became a symbol of rebellion and a focal point of the conflict. Its strategic location and strong Confederate sentiment made Charleston a key target for Union forces during the war.

Experiencing Charleston's History Through a Guided Carriage Tour

To truly understand and appreciate the historical significance of Charleston, embarking on a guided Charleston Horse Tour is essential. These tours provide an immersive experience, allowing visitors to journey through over 300 years of history as they traverse the city's cobblestone streets and gaze upon its architectural marvels.

Unveiling Charleston's Historical Significance: Exploring the "Holy City" Through a Guided Carriage Tour

Mansions, Churches, and Gardens: Exploring Charleston's Splendor

A guided Charleston Horse Tour offers a curated selection of Charleston's most iconic landmarks, including mansions, churches, and gardens that have stood the test of time. Along our journey, we will witness the grandeur of antebellum mansions with their intricate architectural details, providing glimpses into the opulent lifestyles of Charleston's elite.

Furthermore, the tour will take us to Charleston's awe-inspiring churches, each with its own unique story. These places of worship hold deep historical and cultural significance, representing the faith and resilience of Charleston's inhabitants throughout centuries.

As we traverse Charleston's historic streets and squares, we will also encounter meticulously manicured gardens, where nature seamlessly intertwines with the city's architectural beauty. These serene pockets of greenery provide an opportunity to appreciate the enchanting harmony between Charleston's urban landscape and its natural surroundings.

A Journey Through Over 2.5 Miles and 30 Blocks of Historic Charleston

The guided Charleston Horse Tour encompasses more than 2.5 miles and 30 blocks of historic Charleston, ensuring that we witness a comprehensive slice of the city's captivating history. With each turn of the carriage, we delve deeper into the stories and events that have shaped Charleston into the vibrant and resilient city it is today.

Important Booking Information for Your Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour in Charleston

Booking Details - Charleston Horse Tour

After booking your horse-drawn carriage tour in Charleston, please anticipate receiving a confirmation email within 48 hours. This confirmation is contingent upon availability for your selected tour time and date.

Arrival Time - Charleston Horse Tour

It's crucial to note that check-in for your carriage tour should be completed at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Arriving late may risk the cancellation of your reservation without the possibility of a refund.

Passenger Capacity - Charleston Horse Tour

Each carriage has the capacity to transport up to 16 passengers per departure, offering a group-friendly option for your sightseeing experience in Charleston.

Accessibility Information

  • Wheelchair Accessible: The carriage tour is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all guests can partake in this historic journey through Charleston's streets.

  • Children's Policy: Children aged 3 years and under can join the carriage tour for free if they sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. Alternatively, if you prefer your child to have a separate seat during the tour, you'll need to purchase a child seat.

  • Stroller Accessibility: Rest assured that the carriage tour can accommodate strollers, providing convenience for families exploring Charleston with young children.

Enhance Your Charleston Experience

By adhering to the check-in timing, following the passenger guidelines, and considering the specific needs of your group - whether they be children or individuals with reduced mobility - you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable horse-drawn carriage tour experience in Charleston.

Remember, from the booking process to the tour itself, this journey promises to immerse you in the historical charm and beauty of Charleston, offering a unique glimpse into its past. Prepare for a memorable adventure as you traverse the historic streets of the "Holy City" aboard a carriage steeped in tradition and elegance.

Booking Your Carriage Tour

To embark on this enchanting horse-drawn carriage ride and tour, visitors can make reservations at the Old South Carriage Company located at 14 Anson Street. Choose from convenient tour options and take a step back in time to explore Charleston's captivating history in a truly unique and engaging way.


As we conclude our journey through Charleston's colonial beginnings, marked by cobblestone streets and historic architecture, we reflect on the significance of this horse-drawn carriage ride and tour.

By unraveling the layers of history and heritage that define Charleston, we not only appreciate its past but also gain a renewed appreciation for its enduring charm and character.

Experience the magic of Charleston through the lens of a carriage tour, where every turn reveals a story waiting to be told.

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